Tech Talk: Interview with Zamani Abd Ghani

CEO of OGPC Sdn Bhd

In this issue of Tech Talk, we spoke to Zamani Abd Ghani, Chief Executive Officer of OGPC Sdn Bhd on ProGauge system provided by OGPC.

Could you briefly describe ProGauge system?

ProGauge system is a tank gauging technology developed by Dover Fueling Solutions with a global presence and facilities in Brazil, China, India, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States. ProGauge is designed with both wired and wireless systems.

OGPC Sdn Bhd (“OGPC”) is the sole distributor of ProGauge in Malaysia, offering the industry's most comprehensive line of tank gauging products, from innovative tank gauges and cutting-edge probes to state-of-the-art tank calibration services. We first introduced the ProGauge system in mid-2020, having secured an initial contract from Petronas Dagangan Berhad (“PetDag”) for the installation of between 150 and 170 Petronas stations in the Klang Valley.

OGPC as the integrated equipment supplier and installation contractor is currently serving the contract until July 2023. Subsequently, PetDag might assess its requirement to deploy ProGauge throughout more than 1,000 fuel stations nationwide.

What is the key technology behind the system?

ProGauge is equipped with an Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG – Maglink LX Plus), an advanced computerised system that automatically evaluates changes in product volume that might suggest a possible leaking tank.

The system can measure the oil inventory (reservoir), allowing operators to monitor or control their tank gauging remotely. The system can prevent a stock-out issue related to products and connect to the oil refinery automatically, ascertaining whether a station requires oil for delivery without physical human intervention and reducing delivery time.

The latest version of ProGauge will be extended in due course as OGPC’s team is currently conducting a feasibility with its principal in Milan factory to offer the improved product locally.

What are the advantages for fuel pump operators to utilise the ProGauge system?

The primary benefit of utilising the ProGauge system is to improve operational efficiency throughout retailers’ network of stations, ensuring seamless fuel delivery. The cost-saving system can also help to reduce human error and wastage, preventing catastrophic failures, including unstoppable and undetectable leakages in the fuel pipeline and oil reservoir.

This, in turn, improves customer satisfaction and retailer revenue. For instance, the system can measure the fuel consumption from the fuel kiosk (pump) based on the outflow from the dispenser and estimate if the station requires fuel to refill, easing customers’ plan for fuel delivery.

How does the ProGauge system function at the fuel pump?

This system can undertake predictive maintenance at the fuel pump, depending on the fuel flow rate (fuel nozzle usage). It can also determine the pressure from the pumping unit and notify operator to check its service dispenser if the fuel nozzle detects the system is not operating efficiently.

This technology can also avoid human error in the fuel measurement (volume) from the tank, prevent wrong order of fuel type and reduce unnecessary wastage. ProGauge is capable to transfer sales data via cloud platform to be analysing and processing for mechanical solutions, which can be shared with the client through its backend system (Fairbanks-SM360).

The client can then quickly determine if a fuel station requires fuel refilling while capable to detect if there is a leakage in the pipeline connected to the underground fuel container.

When was the system first commissioned, and how many are in operation at the local fuel dealers?

Initially, we had a problem deploying our team to install the system due to the lockdown imposed in mid-2020, which impacted our installation at several fuel stations. Of all the 170 fuel stations, currently about 70 per cent of our installation (construction) are still underway, and the remaining 30 per cent has commenced its operations. Under the current contract, we serve primarily in the Klang Valley, and now we have started installation at the Northern region, Southern region, Eastern region, Sabah and Sarawak.

Moving forward, our client would want to focus on installing the ProGauge at its major sizeable (mid-to-smaller) stations in East Malaysia. OGPC obtains the license from Dover Fueling Solutions to distribute and install the ProGauge system at the local fuel stations. However, there needs to have a proper execution and implementation during the installation, as the operation of the fuel station should not be disrupted and halted.

The installation process can be done during the off-peak hour and requires minor civil construction (mechanical and electrical) work. We also must get a permit from the local authority and comply with the regulation to operate the ProGauge system, connecting the front and end users seamlessly.