About Us

DNeX is a leading service provider in Malaysia’s trade facilitation and energy sector.

Set up in 1970, our core businesses stem into a myriad of sectors that encompasses a family of specialised companies, each providing customised services, solutions and infrastructures, engineered and led by industry experts.

We organise our businesses into two core offerings: IT & eServices and Energy

DNeX IT & eServices

DNeX IT & eServices

The world of trading is complicated. With hundreds of transactions involving multiple agencies, we help to make these transactions fast, accurate and meaningful.
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DNeX Energy

DNeX Energy

Our recent business diversification into the energy industry now allows us to offer oil and gas services as well as power services.
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Our Vision

To be a leading multinational corporation that is trusted for its world-class services and expertise.

Our Mission

We are vibrant talents who are committed to deliver business innovation that creates value for stakeholders.

Our Core Values

In any stellar organisation, core values are what define the direction and purpose. At DNeX, our four core values – Lean, Agile, Clean and Enterprising – serve as a lighthouse to our belief system; unmistakably guiding our engagement and relationships with our employees, clients and customers. Guided by these values, we have built DNeX into what it is today: a competitive force in Malaysia’s ICT and Energy market, and a key driver in developing the region’s infrastructure.

Our Values


We practise a performance-based culture that encourages us to do more with less – minimising waste and giving the best possible value for our people, our shareholders, and the markets we serve.


We are a merit-based organisation that stays ahead through learning, inclusiveness, and change.


We are committed to the highest standards of business ethics – infusing trust in all business relationships and doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.


We put our imagination to test and continuously invest in clever innovative solutions that achieves efficiency for our clients and communities.

Our Working Attributes

Our Working Attributes

DNeX places an importance on the attributes of its people. They are expected to work as a team to achieve the Company’s mission, vision and objective. They are the key assets of the company and they represent our brand. For this, we dedicate our efforts at infusing an entrepreneurial spirit among our people; to initiate positive changes in ourselves and the company, where every team member contributes at creating a workspace of their own choosing.

Our Strength

Depth of technological know-know, breadth of technical expertise

We leverage the technological expertise of our highly qualified teams of certified engineers and security analysts, and draw upon our engineers’, consultants and project managers’ industry experience with regulatory bodies, vendors, promoters and financiers to provide added value in our ideas and input.

Domestic and regional expertise

Our technology-driven experience and problem solving skills in the industry extend not only to large scale projects in Malaysia, but also to a number of mission critical assignments internationally in Laos, Myanmar, the United Kingdom, Vietnam and Senegal.

Holistic and integrated approach

We have extensive experience in engaging, consulting and advising sponsors, intermediaries and end-users across the spectrum of projects to devise workable and realistic solutions for our clients. For example, we house our IT infrastructure solutions, application development team and cyber security services under one roof, so that our clients benefit from a one-stop full-service facility and seamless delivery of services.

Quality Assurance

To assure consistent quality of service standards, we place emphasis on standard operating procedures in our workflow. This ensures that all deliverables are produced and presented in a timely manner; and documents and advice we provide are reviewed and approved by superiors with relevant expertise and one who is a subject matter expert. We also go to great lengths to preserve data confidentiality to safeguard the interests of our clients.