Work Environment

Our commitment to collaboration underpins our culture in four key areas:

Working Together

Communication and collaboration are at the heart of our working environment. We promote flexible, cross-functional teams that work together to enhance new business opportunities.

We leverage on our collaborative technologies to transform the way employees work and communicate with one another across business functions, markets and regions by facilitating collaboration, regardless of location.

An Open and Diverse Culture

DNeX is committed to drive its culture through systems that foster open communication and inclusiveness, placing structures that encourage entrepreneurial thinking at employee level, and supported by strong leadership backing and centralised support.

This inclusive and diverse culture brings value to our business, giving us access to the widest range of talent and helping to ensure that our workforce mirrors our customers and communities.

Learning & Growth

DNeX believes in developing the talent of employees with programmes designed to give in-depth experience and build skills that are crucial to our long-term success. Our “culture of continuous learning” is close to the heart of our workforce.

We place emphasis on core professional trainings to sharpen technical skills and knowledge. We focus on increasing leadership capabilities of our people; and ultimately enhancing the value and opportunity generated for our clients and with our communities.

Rewarding Our People

DNeX strives to provide competitive employee packages, which are designed in accordance to our business strategy and our culture of outstanding performance. It is aimed to reduce complexity and promote transparency and consistency across all Companies within the DNeX Group.

This includes a framework that acknowledges and reward our people for achieving corporate goals and creating a ‘culture of continuous learning’ which empowers eligible employees make the best decisions for themselves, their career and personal development.