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Enterprise Security. Simplified.



Ensuring people work together develop a security shield


To optimize process to perfection


To leverage on the power of technology to enhance security

At the heart of FORTRESS® are our people. We offer highly qualified and experienced teams who set out to understand your needs in depth and provide effective solutions. We take pride in proven processes and holistic methodologies that streamline the complexities of security management into a cohesive, unified system. Over the years, FORTRESS® has helped many businesses build reliable, resilient security defences, reduce costs and achieve operational efficiencies.

Our success in building long-term client-relationships lies in values of trust and integrity; our clients know they can count on us, leaving them free to focus on more important things. FORTRESS® is designed to keep your people, organisation and information assets safe 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is a complete, seamlessly integrated suite of Managed Security Services and Enterprise Security Solutions that covers and aligns all aspects of your security needs to support your personnel and business objectives.

FORTRESS® turns a complex security endeavour into a simplified process. Focus on your business; leave the security with us.

Managed Services

SOC Monitoring
Provides real-time monitoring, historical analysis and automated response to any security threat.

SOC Integration
Provides the processes and expertise to design, build, integrate, deploy and commission an SOC.


SOC Management
Manages network security perimeter devices, end point security devices and Internet content security devices.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Delivers effective IAM solutions to organisations that seek the benefits of enterprise IAM technology with assured service levels.

Advisory Services

Security Posture Assessment
We analyse and provide recommendations on various security facets, such as business continuity and risk compliance. The key to FORTRESS® Security Posture Assessment is our 5E methodology, which enables a comprehensive approach towards security assessment.

Incident Response & Cyber Forensic
In the wake of any security event, we will assist you in collecting logs, file systems, and first hand reports of observed activity from various systems in your organisation. We then wade through the mountain of data and reconstruct a timeline of events to yield a picture of the incident.

Governance & Compliance
We help develop important security documents that include information security standards, procedures and disaster recovery plans. This includes conducting IT Security Reviews based on the standards prescribed. You will enjoy the services of a technical team that regularly works with top-drawer financial institutions and government agencies in Malaysia, providing advice on strengthening security frameworks and complying with industry standards and regulator policies.


We stress the importance of instilling in your employees an awareness of security. Our security consultants are able to provide end-user training as well as conduct technical workshops based on industry standards and best practices.

Security Management
Our technical team is able to evaluate your system infrastructure and recommend solutions based on key vulnerabilities and findings. We help you develop your security roadmaps and help you to mitigate operational risk and improve operational resilience, and in turn preserve business continuity.

Resiliency Management
We can provide you with advisory services on establishing, designing, developing and implementing business continuity and disaster recovery processes, procedures and plans.

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