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A. RFID Warehouse Management System ( WMS )

RFID Warehouse Management System (WMS) enable to achieve real-time visibility of inventory and warehouse operations. This also evolve users’ business solutions by enhancing revenue growth while reducing cost through efficient operations, asset utilisation and capacity management.


Outsource and in house production management – manual check quantity of work in process – unlike in house production, only check quantity of final product

Inefficient management of warehouse – human efforts in manual-sorting of stock

Stock Availability/ Return management – manual comparison between real returned medicines and sales record book when left over stock is returned – loss time of search stock when the item is sold


• Reduce production lead time by sharing work order and stock information with outsource company – share stock information via RFID system

• Trace stocks within distributed position in logistics system (50%) – reduce search time from 2~3 days to 1 day

• Reduce inventory checking time in warehouse (around 75%) – reduce inventory time from 3~4 days to 1 day

• Reduce overhead inventory cost by keeping proper inventory

• Provide claim handling and maintenances service by keeping product history accurate collected by RFID

• Real Time Monitoring through management of POS Sales and return goods by RFID


B. Certificate Management System ( CMS )

It is time to move to the next step of implementing the RFID in various business applications by replacing normal certificate to RFID-enabled Certificate. RFID Certificate Management System is a good example to combat counterfeiting activities which is a serious challenge faced by enforcers and public consumer. It provides high security protection of certificate and authentication features for enforcement personnel and public consumer to perform checking and confirmation of genuineness of the certificate effectively and efficiently.

Necessity of Certificate Management System

• Centralising the information database between branches and distribution channels

• Migrating certain certification functions such as application and information manipulation online

• Enhancing the security of certificate with RFID technology

• Expedite real-time stock counting for certificate issuance

• User or client will be able to maintain and update their profile as well as viewing their activities and transactions in the past


C. RFID Asset Management System ( AMS )

RFID Asset Management System (AMS) enables accurate location of valuable assets and the transit timing and condition, providing timely, sufficient information. Users can benefit from this system to track, trace, and secure their tangible assets and goods in real time.

Necessity of Asset Management System

Increased productivity – Employees spend less time tracking down missing or misplaced equipment

Improved asset maintenance – Assured adherence to critical and routine maintenance procedures such as calibration

Increased utilisation – Improvements in asset visibility and utilisation reduce the need to purchase or lease spare parts and equipment

Reduced capital and operational costs – The reduction in the loss of assets reduces the need to purchase and manage additional assets

Increased asset process automation and utilisation – With RFID, assets are identified, located, and tracked automatically, increasing the Total Cost of Ownership and extending asset lifetimes

Functions of Asset Management System Real-time asset management

• Real-time asset management in the place that assets were located with RFID mobile reader • Build a valid mechanism for real time asset management • Simplify process of asset management

Automated asset management

• Asset information management through RFID tags • Standardise and simplify asset management business • Organically integrate Asset data with other information systems(ERP)

Simplify asset inspection

• Investigate present condition of asset by RFID systems • Collect reliable data of asset inspection • Synchronise management data with asset

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