Energising the Future

Our recent business diversification into the energy industry now allows us to offer oil and gas services as well as power services. Using a know-how heavy and asset light strategy, we work on integrating and developing a commercially sustainable energy business.

Oilfield Services

DNeX Oilfield Services work to provide value-driven solutions to our clients in the oilfield segment.

Equipment Supply & Maintenance

DNeX supplies oil and gas equipment globally through our subsidiary, OGPC Group.

Upstream Oil & Gas

Over the coming years, as Malaysia and its region keeps pace with rapid economic development, demand for access to resources and reliable sources of energy will rise in tandem with higher standards of living.


Alongside designing, building and operating captive market power plants in a safe and reliable manner, DNeX also strives to build and manage renewable power plants and key infrastructure for energy supply in an environmentally friendly way.