Equipment Supply & Maintenance

DNeX supplies oil and gas equipment globally through our subsidiary, OGPC Group. From sales, onsite installation and maintenance, our expert technicians are committed to offering timely services so that our clients do not face interruptions to their operations.

Alongside importing and distributing the industry’s technical products from renowned manufacturers around the world to the oil and gas industry, we continue to build a track record of providing services to the heavy industry sector including refining, petrochemicals, power, utilities and manufacturing.

At present, we have now expanded to supply Portable Container Systems (“PCS”), a self-contained modular fuel storage and dispensing unit, ideal for distribution and consumption of petroleum products for captive markets within remote locations. We recently secured a contract to install up to 100 units of PCS which are to be used for the supply of petrol at various fish landing jetties in Peninsular Malaysia. The contract involves designing, engineering, procurement, construction, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the same units for two years, and maintenance and supply of parts for 10 years.