Products & Services

At the core of our operation is our vision to be a world class oil and gas service provider; navigating complexity and unlocking potential.

Guided by an asset-light and know-how heavy approach, we offer our clients a spectrum of technologies, backed by dedicated teams eager to assist our clients in optimising oilfield efficiency.

Primary Offerings

DNeX Navi-Drill Ultra Series (Directional Drilling Motors)

DNeX AutoTrak G3 (Advanced Rotary Steerable System)

DNeX OnTrak (Integrated MWD and LWD Service)

DNeX LithoTrak (Density and Porosity Service)

COMPASS™(Well Trajectory Design Software)

WELLPLAN™ (Bottomhole Assembly Engineering Analysis Software)

Electro-Trac™ (Electromagnetic Measurement While Drilling)

Additional Offerings

  • SoundTrak (Acoustic Service) – TesTrak (Formation Testing Service)
  • FASTrak (Fluid Analysis, Sampling and Testing Service)
  • Seismic Trak (Seismic-While-Drilling)
  • MagTrak (Magnetic Resonance Service)
  • StarTrak (Magnietic Resonance Service)
  • AziTrak (Deep Azimuthal Resistivity)
  • ZoneTrak G (Near-bit Gamma Service)
  • ZoneTrak R (Near-bit Resistivity Service)
  • BCPM2 (High-Speed Mud Pulse Telemetry Service)
  • Navi-Drill X-treme Series (High-Performance Drilling Motors)
  • AutoTrak X-treme Series (Motor-Powered Rotary Steerable System)
  • Gauge Pro XPR Series (Concentric Expandable Reamer)
  • CoPilot (Real-time Drilling Optimisation Service)