Alongside designing, building and operating captive market power plants in a safe and reliable manner, DNeX also strives to build and manage renewable power plants and key infrastructure for energy supply in an environmentally friendly way.

Our experience in power plant development and operations spans close to 20 years. Today, we work on IPP opportunities to build and manage reliable power plants and key infrastructure for the energy sector.

In expanding our capabilities within the power generation sector, DNeX has been actively working on ventures in renewable energy to promote sustainable and efficient energy to cater to the future consumption by industrial sectors. Under this initiative, we aim to possess a strong Renewable Energy portfolio of 200MW production that is scalable, sustainable and most importantly, economically viable; both locally and globally by 2020. Several projects and investment such as Solar, Wind, Waste to Energy, Hydro, Waste Heat Recovery and Co-Generation are being developed towards achieving this goal.