Capabilities & Partnerships

Unlocking the Energy Within

Over the coming years, as Malaysia and its region keeps pace with rapid economic development, demand for access to resources and reliable sources of energy will rise in tandem with higher standards of living.

Within this dynamic ecosystem, DNeX participates in the area of niche Oil and Gas assets, particularly in brownfields redevelopment and production fields by acquiring strategic production assets in fiscal transparent location, to sustain energy supply and pursue opportunities that help support that growing demand.

Since 2016, DNeX has 30 per cent effective equity interest in Ping Petroleum Limited (“Ping”), which co-owns the producing Anasuria cluster, a fully operating oilfield in North Sea, United Kingdom.

Together with Ping, we advocate a strong culture of continuous improvements to extend the life cycle of our Oil & Gas assets to optimise return on investment. We will continue to seek new ventures, be it strategic partnerships as well as further acquisitions, to enable us to build an attractive portfolio of exploration and production assets.