Products & Solutions

  • Consultation & Advisory
    We offer consulting services to governments, industry stakeholders, service providers and agencies on numerous Halal industry requirements
  • Training
    Our Halal awareness training programme is designed to increase understanding on Halal issues and to produce resources for the respective Halal market
  • Halal Certification
    In assisting our clients with Halal certification, we render our services through local affiliated service providers who will give holistic advisory on relevant procedures, documentation keeping, preparation for Halal audit, monitoring of Halal practices and compliance through Halal Assurance System
  • GoHalal e-Marketplace
    Through, we connect manufacturers and traders of Halal certified goods to reach the global market. Service providers with Halal certification and Shariah-compliant endorsements will soon be able to be featured through this thriving eMarketplace
  • Halal Logistics
    In offering our clients to offer holistic Halal assurance to their consumers, we link manufacturers and traders of Halal certified goods with equally certified entities within the global supply chain who are all connected via our proprietary one-stop web-based Halal Logistics Management System