Products & Solutions

DNeX RFID delivers end-to-end solutions for our clients; each one unique and customised to boost productivity, revenue and profit.

To ensure that we deliver only the best, our services encapsulates planning, project management, integration, installation, hardware, software and high quality service – each step coupled by consultations from industry professionals, paired with the best technology of today.

Electronic toll collection (E-Tolls) eliminates the delay on toll roads by collecting tolls electronically. The system is able to determine whether passing cars are enrolled in the programme, alert enforcers for those that are not, and electronically debits the accounts of registered car owners without requiring them to stop.

ETCM system operates independently without human intervention, and provides accurate and reliable automatic toll collection, effectively reducing the car’s mechanical wear, fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, accelerating traffic rate, as well as reducing the possibility of error close to the minimum leakage received.


  • Automatic 24-hour operation
  • Automatic toll collection and vehicle passage
  • Cashless tolling while maintaining highway speeds
  • Online balance checking
  • Improved toll lane traffic handling capacity and rate, avoiding the traffic congestion.
  • Quicker transit time and improved traffic flow

RFID Warehouse Management System enables clients to achieve real-time visibility of inventory and warehouse operations – enhancing revenue growth while reducing cost through efficient operations, asset utilisation and capacity management.

Our Solutions

  • Reduce production lead time by sharing work order and stock information with outsourced company – share stock information via RFID system
  • Provide claim handling and maintenance service by keeping product history accurate collected by RFID
  • Reduce inventory checking time in warehouse up to 75%
  • Reduce overhead inventory cost by keeping proper inventory
  • Speed up trade stocks process within distributed position in logistics system
  • Real Time Monitoring through management of POS Sales and return good by RFID

Our RFID Asset Management System enables accurate location of valuable assets and the transmit timing and condition, providing timely, sufficient information. Users can benefit from this system to track, and secure their tangible assets and goods in real time. Enjoy:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved asset maintenance
  • Increased utilisation
  • Reduced capital and operational costs
  • Increased asset process automation and utilisation

While basic and simple controller barrier-gate solutions are becoming increasingly popular in commercial and residential buildings and projects, we also take pride in offering Intelligent Barrier Gate systems – with accurate auto detect features that self-locks to avoid unauthorised access and exits. Out in-built Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) protects our system from electric hazard – providing an extra level of assurance and safety.


  • Easy monthly summary report via our software
  • Automated and programmable entry denial
  • Fast information retrieval during emergency
  • Monitor and manage tenant activities

We have the resources, experience and expertise to develop software and integrate various systems to function as one. Based on your requirements, we can provide software that extends and maximises hardware capabilities – centralising CCTV surveillances, access control and even time attendance.