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The men and women who work on the Integrated Intelligent Infrastructure ( I 3 ) are great problem solvers. From remodelling your business, to refocusing your strategic designs and even maintaining the system, let us take the complicated and turn it simple.


Shift it, change it, turn it, and profit from it. With advanced solution, we take what works, strip away what does not, and keep the best so your system works for you, and not the other way round.


Let us take what works and make it better by capitalising on your existing strengths to make it faster and more efficient.


If business is about solving problems, we aim to be quick in identifying problems, and even quicker in proposing solutions.

With a cumulative experience spanning more than a decade, our solutions encompass enterprise network and designing and deployment of highly reliable wireless solutions to keep people and businesses seamlessly connected.

DNeX specialises in full project management, from design and build right through to installation and commissioning.

Our IT management and consultation approach emphasises a Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) that includes designing, developing, improving, adopting and maintaining infrastructure to suit our clients’ needs.

We also provides a range of services in the procurement, delivery, installation, testing and commissioning of IT equipment in large and nationwide ICT rollout while our maintenance coverage encompasses technical support via on-site support from our technicians. TSI’s technicians are authorised and certified by multinational vendors and our strategic partners.

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