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Digitalisation can no longer be treated as a buzzword – It is not a piece of jargon, nor is it even a choice. It is the future, and all players who wish to survive the coming onslaught must adapt or risk being sidelined.

The Covid-19 pandemic saw logistics and transport play a fundamental role in ensuring critical supplies were distributed. It also witnessed more people relying on shipping and delivery as they made more purchases online.

That’s why the logistics and transport industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Estimated to reach a value of over $16 billion by 2026*, it has to adapt quickly to face the challenges of today’s trade environment.

Emerging trends like IoT, automation, streamlining workflows, and data analytics are new yet crucial tools to help you deliver a better experience. The keyword is seamlessness – Consumers expect it, shareholders demand for it. Trade Digitalisation enables you to provide it.

Read on for 5 reasons why you should be embracing trade digitalisation:

1. Digitalisation is the future!

It began before the pandemic and became accelerated because of the pandemic. The world has embraced digital in all parts of life. People work online, learn online, make purchases online, socialise online, online banking, etc. That’s why your shipping processes and back-office operations have to become digital. Real-time freight rates, paperless bills of lading, IoT warehousing all work to improve operational efficiency. When you go digital, you work more efficiently, allowing for faster turnaround times and more volume

2. Improve Operational Efficiency!

The logistics industry is run on the clock. Time is probably the most valuable asset. The supply chain has to move seamlessly to guarantee on-time deliveries without disruptions. Mistakes have to be reduced to limit time spent on finding solutions. Trade Digitalisation is a great answer to curb delays and create an efficient system. At SEALNET, we can quickly transform your digital platform into an efficient rate management system that optimises your time

3. It’s an essential foundation for blockchain!

Blockchain is another technology of the future; and to leverage it, digitalisation is vital. Blockchain is a significant development that can bring you extraordinary gains in the context of supply chain interoperability, particularly when combined with big data and Artificial Intelligence.

4. It optimises your business!

Storing data arising from operations is beneficial for logistics stakeholders, and it is critical to ensure the collected data is streamlined. For instance, data should be digitised to be accessible anywhere and everywhere. The right use of data can impact workflows within the company, improve operations, and create the foundation of the implementation of blockchain and interoperability.

5. It makes your customer happier!

Gain competitive advantage with excellent customer experience. Live up to their expectation. The huge e-commerce market means that customers have a wide range of choices; if your company cannot deliver, all they need to do is go to someone else. In some businesses, logistics play a make-or-break role. Digitalisation enables end-to-end visibility through real-time tracking, which customers feel like they are more in control of. This is crucial for you to stay competitive today and tomorrow.

We are only giving you five reasons here; in reality, there are hundreds of reasons to embrace digitalisation. At the end of the day, you want greater efficiency that leads to business growth, and we want to help you achieve it. 

If you would like to take your first step towards digitalising your trade and logistics business, let SEALNET take you forward.

Request for a demo or register your interest at sealnet@dnex.com.my.

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