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DNeX’s profit after tax grows 51 per cent to RM40.3 million in 1H 2018

  • Stronger PAT in 1H 2018 driven by better earnings contribution across two core divisions
  • Revenue surged 32 per cent to RM122.3 million in 1H 2018 from RM92.9 million a year ago

Kuala Lumpur, 6 August 2018 – Dagang NeXchange Berhad (“DNeX”) has announced a strong set of financial results for the second quarter ended 30 June 2018 (“2Q 2018”), and the six months period ended 30 June 2018 (“1H 2018”).

In 2Q 2018, revenue grew to RM51.2 million from RM49.1 million in the previous year’s corresponding quarter (“2Q 2017”) while profit after tax (“PAT”) settled at RM11.6 million as compared to RM11.7 million in 2Q 2017.

For 1H 2018, DNeX’s revenue rose 32 per cent to RM122.3 million in 1H 2018 as compared to RM92.9 million a year ago. The bulk of the Group’s revenue came from IT & e-Services division, representing 81 per cent of the total revenue, while the remaining 19 per cent was contributed by Energy division. The overall higher revenue was mainly attributed to continued growth of the Group’s business-to-business and business-to-Government services, and the consolidation of post acquisition results from Genaxis Group.

Meanwhile, 1H 2018 PAT increased 51 per cent to RM40.3 million as compared to RM26.7 million in first half 2017 (“1H 2017”).

DNeX’s robust growth in 1H 2018 financial performance was attributed to the improved earnings performance across its two core divisions.

The IT & e-Services division registered an increase of 44 per cent in profit before tax (“PBT”) to RM32.1 million against RM22.3 million in 1H 2017, contributed mainly from recurring revenue stream.

Meanwhile, PBT from Energy division almost doubled to RM10.4 million in 1H2018 from RM5.6 million in 1H2017. The improvement was mainly attributed to the increase in earnings contribution from DNeX’s associate company, Ping Petroleum Limited, which is involved in upstream crude oil production and has benefited from stronger crude oil prices.

Commenting on the Group’s financial results, Executive Deputy Chairman of DNeX Datuk Samsul Husin said, “We are pleased to note that our growth trajectory remained solid in the first half of 2018. The strong financial results are testament to our commitment in building, managing and improving our service platform eco system in Trade Facilitation, Transport and Halal eco system.”

“Moving forward, the Group remains focus on effective execution of our planned initiatives as well as exploring new opportunities by leveraging on existing business building blocks in both divisions to drive earnings resiliency and business competitiveness,” he said.

As at 30 June 2018, the Group’s net assets per share improved to 26 sen from 24 sen as at 31 December 2017.

Ah so it is true said the child. Good morning, Monsieur. Children accept joy and happiness instantly and familiarly, being themselves by nature joy and happiness.

And now, with a powerful accord, the sweetly attuned human voices joined in, and the choir sang in melting unison the Te Deum Laudamus, which resounded solemnly, grandly through the CGEIT pdf aisles.

This was done. The CGEIT pdf dead must be obeyed. So be it. The body of Bernard Guidonis, born in France near Roche Abeille, was, as he had ordered, and in spite of the king of Castile, borne to the church of the Dominicans in Limoges, although Bernard Guidonis was Bishop CGEIT pdf of Tuy in Spain.

Henceforth, Toussaint was of no use to Jean Valjean Cosette inherited her and promoted 210-065 pdf download 210-065 pdf download her to the rank of lady s maid.

They pressed each other 210-065 pdf download s hands. That is Gavroche, said Enjolras. He is warning us, said Combeferre. A hasty rush troubled the deserted street they beheld a being more agile than a clown CGEIT pdf climb over the omnibus, and N10-006 practice exam Gavroche bounded into the barricade, all breathless, saying My gun Here they are An electric quiver shot through the whole barricade, and the sound of hands seeking their 210-065 pdf download guns became audible.

The assassinated man who flees is N10-006 practice exam more suspicious than the assassin, and it is probable that this personage, who had been so precious a capture for the ruffians, would be no less fine a prize for the authorities.

He had said, I see yonder a cloud, which seems to me to N10-006 practice exam be troops. Then he 210-065 pdf download asked the Duc de Dalmatie, Soult, what do you see in the direction of CGEIT pdf Chapelle Saint Lambert The marshal, levelling CGEIT pdf his glass, answered, Four or five thousand men, Sire evidently Grouchy.

This was CGEIT pdf Sister Simplice, who had never told a lie in her life. Javert knew it, and CGEIT pdf held her in special veneration in consequence.

What he had just done made him shudder. He, Javert, had seen fit to decide, contrary to all the regulations of the police, CGEIT pdf contrary to the whole social and judicial organization, contrary to the 210-065 pdf download entire code, upon a release this had suited CGEIT pdf him he had substituted his own affairs for the affairs of the public was not this unjustifiable Every time that he brought himself face to face with this CGEIT pdf deed without a name which he had committed, he trembled from head to foot.

Shy although in the right, violent although strong, it struck at random 210-065 pdf download it walked like a blind elephant it left behind it the corpses of old men, of women, and of children it wished the blood of inoffensive and innocent persons without knowing why.

You are N10-006 practice exam right. I may meet them. They, too, need to be told 210-065 pdf download of the good God. But, Monseigneur, there is a band of them A flock of wolves Monsieur le N10-006 practice exam maire, it may be that 210-065 pdf download it is of this very flock of wolves that Jesus has constituted me the N10-006 practice exam shepherd.

Jean Valjean stepped up to him and placed his customary alms in his hand.

610 Mi N10-006 practice exam Sone, as of that ilke vice, Which of alle othre is the Norrice, And stant upon the retenue Of Venus, so as it is due, The N10-006 practice exam proprete hou that it fareth The bok 210-065 pdf download hierafter nou declareth.

It put a stop to torture, promulgated the truth, expelled miasma, rendered the century healthy, crowned the populace.

Jean Valjean gruffly and grumblingly paid Marie Claude for the CGEIT pdf pint of milk behind their mother s back, and the children were not punished.

The gamin is born a tiler as he is born CGEIT pdf a mariner. A roof inspires him with no more fear than a mast.

This Nessus with 210-065 pdf download hise wordes slyhe Yaf such conseil tofore here yhe 2200 N10-006 practice exam Which semeth outward profitable And was withinne deceivable.

After a long pause the CGEIT pdf king raised his head and looked about him. Well, children, 210-065 pdf download to morrow will be a hot day, and we must strike the 210-065 pdf download Austrians boldly.

The man opened his pocket book once more and drew from it, not the handful of bills which Thenardier expected, but a simple little paper, which he unfolded and presented fully open to the inn keeper, saying You N10-006 practice exam are right read Thenardier took the paper and read SUR March 25, 1823.

Then he spent several minutes in tucking the lower part of the woman s chemise which he wore into his trousers.

He was, on the whole, a cold and ardent, noble, generous, proud, religious, enthusiastic lad dignified to harshness, pure 210-065 pdf download to shyness.

The very violence of all these conflicting emotions forced him to it. Thought was something to which he was unused, and which was peculiarly painful.

Twenty seven that you own, and three that my grandfather gives me. I replied That makes thirty.

For ther mai be no worse thing N10-006 practice exam Than Covoitise aboute a king 2230 If it in his persone be, It N10-006 practice exam doth the 210-065 pdf download more adversite And 210-065 pdf download if it in his conseil stonde, It bringth alday meschief to honde Of commun harm and if it growe N10-006 practice exam Withinne his court, it wol be knowe, For thanne schal the king be piled.

The whole army of that day was present there, in the court yard of the Tuileries, represented by a squadron or a platoon, and guarding Napoleon in repose and that was the splendid epoch when the grand army had Marengo behind it and Austerlitz before it.

Come let us argue the N10-006 practice exam question. I am a new comer among you, but I will confess that you amaze me.

An omnibus with two white horses passed the end of the street. Bossuet strode CGEIT pdf over the paving stones, ran to it, stopped the driver, made the passengers alight, offered his hand to the ladies, dismissed the conductor, and returned, leading the vehicle and the horses by the bridle.

His sister was in receipt of a yearly income of five hundred francs, which sufficed for her personal wants at the vicarage.

He had had many bitter disappointments, much secret suffering he had learned to know human nature in all its wickedness and insignificance, its love of money and corruption, but also in its greatness and exaltation, and its constancy and kindness.

His son said the porter stupidly. He is dead. Jean Valjean, who, soiled and tattered, stood behind Javert, and whom the porter was surveying with some horror, made a sign to him with his head that this was not so.

She seemed N10-006 practice exam to him to be eight years old. N10-006 practice exam He boxed his servants ears soundly, and said Ah carogne One of his oaths was By the pantoufloche of the pantouflochade He had singular freaks of tranquillity he had himself shaved every day by a barber who had been mad and CGEIT pdf who detested him, being jealous of Gillenormand on account of his wife, a pretty and coquettish barberess.

Monsieur, CGEIT pdf said the stranger, these good people are angry with you, and, it appears CGEIT pdf to me, not entirely without cause.

The navy N10-006 practice exam of our fathers employed cables, ours employs chains. The simple N10-006 practice exam pile of chains on a ship of a hundred guns is four feet high, twenty feet in breadth, and eight feet in depth.

However, he had never succeeded in loving any woman as much as a tulip N10-006 practice exam bulb, nor any man as much as an Elzevir.

All is well. As for the six hundred thousand N10-006 practice exam francs, you do not mention them to me, but I forestall your thought, they are a deposit.

The king his hardi contienance Behield, and herde hise wordes wise, And seide unto him in this wise Thin ansuere I have understonde, Wherof my will is, that thou stonde In N10-006 practice exam mi service and stille abide.

Bot so prive mai be nothing, That it ne comth to knowleching Thing don upon the derke nyht Is after knowe on daies liht 4600 So it befell, that ate laste Al that this slyhe maiden caste CGEIT pdf Was overcast and 210-065 pdf download overthrowe.

And what are you doing here resumed Jean Valjean. Why, I am covering N10-006 practice exam my melons, of course In fact, CGEIT pdf at the moment when Jean Valjean accosted him, old Fauchelevent held in his hand the end of a straw mat which he was occupied in spreading over the melon bed.

1000 And it fell thilke time thus Ther was a king, the which Namplus Was hote, and he a Sone hadde, At Troie which the Gregois ladde, As he that was mad Prince of alle, Til that fortune let him falle His name was Palamades.

For fun, retorted 210-065 pdf download the man. For the last few minutes Leblanc had appeared to be watching and following all the movements of Thenardier, who, blinded and dazzled by his own rage, was stalking N10-006 practice exam to and fro in the den with full confidence CGEIT pdf that the door was guarded, CGEIT pdf 210-065 pdf download and of holding an unarmed man fast, he being armed himself, of being nine against one, supposing that the female Thenardier counted for but one man.

Then approaching Prince Henry, and laying his hand on his shoulder, he said kindly We will not exasperate each other, my brother.

And whan sche goth to hiere masse, That time schal noght overpasse, That I naproche hir ladihede, In aunter if I mai hire lede Unto the chapelle and CGEIT pdf ayein.

Gramaire ferste hath forto teche 1530 To speke upon N10-006 practice exam congruite Logique hath eke in his degre Betwen the trouthe and the falshode The pleine wordes CGEIT pdf forto schode, So that nothing N10-006 practice exam schal go beside, That he the riht ne schal decide.

Pardon me, said Javert, and he retired with a 210-065 pdf download deep bow. 210-065 pdf download O sainted maid you left this world many years ago you have rejoined your 210-065 pdf download sisters, the virgins, and 210-065 pdf download your brothers, the angels, in the light may this lie be counted to your credit N10-006 practice exam in paradise The N10-006 practice exam sister s affirmation was for Javert so decisive a thing that he did not even observe the singularity of that candle which had but just been extinguished, and which was still smoking on the table.

But Nauplus, which the cause kniew, Ayein the sleihte which he feigneth An other sleihte anon ordeigneth.

You are right, said Amelia, suddenly becoming grave at that time N10-006 practice exam we were amateurs, lovers of the drama our dreams are over we live in realities now.

It was a large sou of this sort which, during the subsequent search of the police, was found under the N10-006 practice exam bed near the window.

From the vagrant to the tramp, the race CGEIT pdf is maintained in its purity. They divine purses in pockets, they 210-065 pdf download scent out watches in fobs.

In the first row, and far forwards, the merchant had placed on a background of white napkins, an immense CGEIT pdf doll, nearly two feet high, who was dressed in a robe of pink crepe, with gold wheat ears on her head, which had real CGEIT pdf hair and enamel eyes.

France kept an eye on Paris Paris kept an eye on the Faubourg Saint Antoine.

While Jean Valjean was putting on his coat, Fauchelevent had removed the bell and kneecap, which now hung on a nail beside a vintage basket that adorned the wall.

Then he seated himself on the flight of steps, his heart filled with sweetness and resolution, he blessed his love in the depths of his thought, and he said to 210-065 pdf download himself that, since Cosette was gone, 210-065 pdf download all that there was left for him was to die.

Why so many precautions because the country is dangerous it is full of cannibals.

You breathed with rapture the 210-065 pdf download N10-006 practice exam odor of those rare and lovely flowers which were arranged N10-006 practice exam in picturesque order between the CGEIT pdf evergreen myrtles and oranges.

In the back N10-006 practice exam and 210-065 pdf download front of each vehicle, two men armed with muskets stood erect, each 210-065 pdf download holding one end of the chain under his foot.

Panchaud, alias Printanier, alias Bigrenaille, executed Thenardier CGEIT pdf s order.

Fortunately, the prioress, completely absorbed in her own thoughts, did not hear it.

She remained thus for a quarter of an hour, 210-065 pdf download her eyes riveted on the door, motionless and apparently holding her breath.

A linden tree showed 210-065 pdf download its crest above the niche, and the wall was CGEIT pdf covered with ivy on the side of the Rue Polonceau.

Baron von Kircheisen, the prefect of Berlin, entered the room. He came to make his weekly report to the king.

You are the Marquis of that, retorted Tholomyes. CGEIT pdf This mediocre play upon words produced the effect of a stone in a pool.

Bot Thoas at the same throwe, 1840 Whan Anthenor this Juel tok, Wynkende caste awei his 210-065 pdf download lok For a deceipte and for a wyle As he that scholde himself beguile, He hidde CGEIT pdf his yhen fro the sihte, And wende wel that he so mihte Excuse his false conscience.