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LAO PDR & Malaysia To Share Insights On Information Securit

“His Excellency Mr Hiem Phommachanch, Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Lao PDR will be officiating the event, and His Excellency Dato’ Than Tai Hing, the Malaysian Ambassador to Lao PDR will be in attendance to witness this significant event.”

In this new Age of data explosion and high connectivity, governments within the Indochina region are expediting smart initiatives which will see development of key growth services like population census, online trading, virtual education. In the wake of criticality of preserving data from unauthorised access, it is key that governments leverage and deploy the appropriate technology timely and manage the increasing pace of level of risks such that sustainability of these nation-building initiatives are ensured.

28 March 2012, VIENTIANE, LAOS – Malaysia hopes to share perspectives, experiences and insights on information security at the country’s inaugural forum on information security in Vientiane on 28 March 2012. The forum on “IT Security Forum 2012: Braving the Storm of Technology” is co-organised by the National E-Government Centre of Lao PDR, an agency under the purview of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunciations that is tasked to implement the Lao National E-Government System, and TIME Engineering Berhad, one of Malaysia’s leading technology solutions company.

This timely forum follows the recent call from Lao’s Deputy Prime Minister’s for the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications to take the lead in the acceleration of implementation of the long overdue E-Government initiatives. The E-Government System is envisaged to adopt ICT tools across various tiers of administration at the Ministries, Departments, Provinces, Districts and Villages of Lao PDR to bring about SMART Government initiatives and offer appropriate e-interfaces to the people, in the cities as well as villages, through electronic delivery channels. Close to 80 participants are expected to be at this closed-door session, comprising representatives from various Lao government agencies, ISP providers, telecommunication companies and the banking industry.

The forum will bring together renowned speakers and those who are intimate with the information security landscape in this region, who will identify the potential challenges and share lessons to be learnt based on case studies and project showcases. This intellectual discourse aims to inspire participants with the practical solutions to issues challenging the IT strategic planning of governments in Indochina, especially in the wake of acceleration of developing key growth services like e-trade facilitation and e-Government services. Amongst others, participants will learn of trends and developments with respect to top cyber security risks, information and data security and people and culture challenges.

This intellectual discourse reaffirms TEB’s continued commitment in establishing partnerships, sharing knowledge and build capabilities with strategic institutions like the National E-Government Centre in ASEAN. The collaboration with the agency on this inaugural forum is also the fruits of the close cooperation between the National E-Government Centre and TIME Engineering Berhad on cyber security issues, since 2007 when TEB participated as platinum sponsor at the Lao ICT Expo. The Company was also, again, the platinum sponsor at the event’s 2010 outing.

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