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Our goal is to create sustainable and ethical business models that continuously deliver long-term values to our stakeholders. That is why we have taken steps to improve our Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) stewardship.

Stewarding a Sustainable Environment

Environmental stewardship is an important aspect of our business. We are committed to responsible environmental stewardship, and we seek to minimise any negative impact that our operations may have on the environment.

Our ambition is to support the National agenda to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2050. In this journey towards reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, we will inventorise our emission sources and explore possible means to reduce them. This will also help us in addressing the climate change, as we work hard to identify and manage our climate-related risks and capitalise on new opportunities. 

We want to manage our resource consumption in a more efficient manner, as well as reduce our waste and ecological footprint Group-wide in our effort towards stewarding a Sustainable environment.  As we move forward, we strive to not only minimise the adverse environmental impacts from our operations, but to also influence our value chain towards better environmental management.

Creating Value for Our Customers and Community, Empowering Our People

Our people are critical to our operations, while society supports our existence in many intangible ways. We seek to ensure that we leave a positive social impact to the lives that we touch, either directly or indirectly. 

Our aspiration is to become a local employer of choice wherever we operate in, as well as become a preferred partner with our customers, and an impactful organisation to the community. 

We want to attract and retain talent across our businesses through continuous employee engagement and upskilling initiatives, and we are determined to drive fair opportunity and inclusivity. As a Group, we are committed to safeguard our employees through robust health and safety measures, in line with our principle to uphold human and labour rights. 

We empower our people to constantly innovate our products and solutions to meet customers’ requirements as we ensure good customer experience. We are committed to giving our customers the very best, to elevate customer well-being and satisfaction. Additionally, we want to drive societal impact and be cognisant of the impacts of our operations to the surrounding communities.

Embracing Good Governance for Business Resilience

We recognise that upholding good governance is an important cornerstone in driving our business forward. We are committed to maintain the highest level of integrity and ethical behaviour, doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

Our aim is to be an Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) – driven organisation and drive ESG development beyond our company and across to our suppliers. We recognise our role in extending our hands to our partner organisations and vendors, and we hope that we are able to progress alongside our value chain.

In our pursuit towards growth, we want to drive ESG risk management and strengthen our business model resilience through the business and across the supply chain. We continuously seek to strengthen and uphold risk management and compliance within our organisation. which includes maintaining an ethical governance culture and doing our best to safeguard data privacy.

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